Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a week!

Wow! So last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we played Houston Dallas and Austin with the Unlimited Enthusiasm Exposition, which to sum up was: Harry and the Potters, Math the Band and Uncle Monsterface putting on an insanely entertaining show, pulling out all the stops with non stop surprises and hilarious videos. We were lucky enough to get on three of these shows and they were wonderful each night in their own way.

Houston: I finally had some Drank thanks to Joe Mathlete. I drank the Drank too late at night though to tell if it had any effects. I also claimed that Uncle Monsterface (the sock puppet) suffered from the prison of illiteracy. Little did I know that this was in fact true and very tasteless on my part. SORRY!

Dallas: GIANT SCREENS! having a 50 foot sock puppet peer down your face is intense.

Austin: crazy hot afternoon show. We played a sillier set that usual trying to put on a nice send off show for the bands that we'd spent the last three days with. The whole set ended with us repeating a break down from the monsterface song DEROCKRACY FARTING PONY FARTS IN THE FIELD CAN YOU FEEL IT IN THE IRELAND COLD.
After the show we hauled back to Austin in oder to sleep in before we flew to Seattle.

In summary, the Potters sounded better than ever, Monsterface is one of the most entertaining bands in the world and MATH the Band's new songs are going to kill your face with goodness when they finally get released.

Saturday in Seattle we played TWO shows the first of which was an acoustic performance at the Fremont troll with the Connecticut Four. Tons of fun. At one point Sweatpants jumped off the troll and caused a giant cloud of dust to cover everyone. After some sandwiches and picture taking we went and met up with Boat and Tullycraft at the Sunset. We didn't know how the turn out was going to be since the Vaselines were playing their first show in forever across town. Sure enough though, the room packed out and it was truly one of the best shows I've been to all year. Many thanks to all the props given to us by the other bands and PLEASE if you haven't heard the newest albums by BOAT or TULLYCRAFT please go pick them up.

finally! last night I my made by debut performance of 8 new songs with The Om Nom Noms, a group of friends that reconstructed some discarded Fishboy songs into new masterpieces to be heard soon! We were a little rough but were well received by the crowd. Strong sets by Man Factory and Tilly and the Wall too! Thanks to everyone who came out! expect an announcement on those songs soon.

alright dudes, next friday I'm playing solo with Poison Control Center and The Mathletes at J and Js. See you there!


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Brian Retchless said...

You played w/ Tilly and the Wall? Nice! Sounds like an awesome tour.