Friday, February 16, 2007

Daniel Johnston and other business.

Hey everybody,

I know I promised more updates and video comments on this blog only a few posts ago and believe me, I've been trying. Last week I spent two nights filming and editing a "Fishboy newsletter" video to post and ultimately decided it was a little too mediocre to post on here. Some parts I liked, but in the end I thought I would only be posting it up here for the sake of putting up video content. In short, you deserve better.

So instead of that, let me sum up some of the more important point with text and pictures.

There are two new songs posted up on our myspace page. The first is from the Zac Crain benefit compilation. If you haven't heard yet, Zac is the former Dallas Observer music editor who is now running for mayor of Dallas. For more info, p'fork gave it some nice coverage here. The song we contribute is more of a demo sounding song that has now been fully realized with the live band. It can be broken up into two parts, the latter being a story of how Zac Crain went back in time to shoot JFK to create a landmark for Dallas.

The second song is the long time coming full band version of Louis the Bear featuring our extuba player High-C. This track is coming out on an epic Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records compilation in a few months. More info will be passed out on this soon.

Lastly, we will be opening for Daniel Johnston's band Danny and the Nightmares this Sunday afternoon. It's not everyday that I get to open for one of my heroes and everyone in the band is extremely excited to be able to play this show. Some of the first casset tapes I ever made in middle school with a radio shack microphone were compared to Johnston and it took me a few years before I really "got it" and discovered how generous of a complement that really was. I am forever debt to Johnston's music for being the first to teach me that you don't have to have a slick sounding recording if you write great songs. If you come Sunday, I will be the one with the huge smile on my face.

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