Sunday, April 29, 2007

best show ever.

Last night I was able to witness one what was easily one of the best shows I've seen in Denton in the past five years I've lived here. My friend Darci over at Kittenpants was able to get Corn Mo and his insanely tight new line up of the .375 Lover to fly in from New York and play an outstanding set, take a short break and then become the back up band for Mr. Andrew W.K. himself. After some recovery from mind-blow-itis I decided to sit down and make a list of the best shows I've seen in Denton. Here we go:

Little Grizzly final show-May 2004
A great band pulling out all the stops for their curtain call including and all star Denton line up covering 'The Weight' and topping it all off with a spot on encore of 'A Quick One While She's Away.'

The Microphones (now Mt. Eerie), Calvin Johnson, Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano (now The Blow) -Fall 2001:
This was an extremely bizarre audience participation show in which each act attempted to awkwardly incorporate the tiny audience into their songs. Calvin drew pictures for people on a giant easel, Khaela sang a capella to an antique drum machine/metronome, Phil wore a wolf suite made of felt and everyone simulated a dying in a plane crash. After this the audience was finally treated to a solo set by The Microphones (Phil E.) Half way through the set he asked the audience to join hands and we all made our way out to back of Rubber Gloves where we listened to songs about the moon. The strangest part of the night was during a song a train passed by with carrying about fifty military tanks making the already surreal moment a little bit stranger. I'm still not sure this show actually happened

Rock Lottery 2004-This one only half way counts since this was the year I participated. Regardless, on this night everything thing seemed to line up with all the bands especially Wombstone Pizza. My adrenaline was so high after the show I think I stayed up all night.

Theres more to this list, and perhaps I will continue it another time. Until then, keep your hats on.

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