Sunday, April 1, 2007

Hey folks! theres only a few more of these left, so you better get your's fast!

The Happy Happy Birthday to Me 2007 Singles Club begins taking subscriptions tonight at midnight EST, and the final line-up for the singles club has been announced (below). To clarify, these are 13 7-inch vinyl singles to be distributed to club members in 3 shipments over the next year (the first and second shipments will have 4 singles each, while the third shipment will have 5). Contributing new material to this club is an all-star lineup:

Apples in Stereo / Poison Control Center
Of Montreal / James Husband
M Coast / the Minders
Tullycraft / the Smittens
Boyracer / the Faintest Ideas
Casper & the Cookies / the Marbles
Bunnygrunt / Phil Wilson (June Brides)
All Girl Summer Fun Band / Cars Can Be Blue
the Love Letter Band / Tender Forever
Circulatory System / New Sound of Numbers
Fishboy / Baby Calendar
Keith John Adams / Velcro Stars
Ideal Free Distribution / Red Pony Clock

This is an even more exciting lineup than their last singles club, which was seven years ago. Returning favorites are Of Montreal and Marshmallow (now "M") Coast. All of the new contributors seem to be either HHBTM labelmates or bands closely affiliated with the Elephant 6 collective, such as Circulatory System, The Minders, and James Husband (Jamey Huggins from Of Montreal).

Additional information on the club comes from Mike Turner, HHBTM founder: "Ordering the club will work in this way: There will be a button on the Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records order page. You will click this button and leave your ordering info (name, address, email, how you plan to pay, and how many clubs you want, yes I said how many. We are letting people order multiple clubs if they want.). HHBTM will then email you letting you know a paypal total, and you will have 72 hours to pay via paypal. If you don't send payment within 72 hours your club will go to the next person in line. If you plan to pay with check or money order, you will have 2 weeks to get your check or money order in. If after 2 weeks your payment has not been received, then your club will be given to the next person in line.

"The singles club will run $60.00 in the USA, $65.00 in Canada, and $80.00 the rest of the world. The first 150 subscribers will get a special version of the singles club with lots of extras and special packaging. Each single will be split between two bands with each single being on a different color vinyl and in a different color silkscreen sleeve."

also, Sam M has a great video of our performance of Taqueria Girl last week over at

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