Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This show is going to be great! I went to Secret Headquarters for the first time last weekend (I know I'm a little late getting on the train) and it was excellent. The Undoing of David Wright, a very interesting and entertaining glam industrial band played an excellent show where they sprayed down the audience with 'anti-hippy gas' from a rigged up supersoaker/smoke machine. Needless to say I was impressed.

Our debute at the fine establishment will be with St. Louis's own Bunnygrunt. Last summer on a solo tour they hooked myself and Ryan Anderson up with a house party/bbq after which we stayed up late into the night recording a song in their basement. I still haven't heard the song but something tells me it's either amazing or amazingly awful.

Mark this on your calendars now as it will also be a graduation celebration for John "Dodecapus Rex" Christakis-Clardy and I as we receive our diplomas the day before.

Oh, Also, the album is being mastered up in Omaha next week with Doug Van Sloun at Studio B. He's done some very excellent work (more on this later) and we're really excited to have him 'adding the sheen' to our baby.

see you later,

oh also also, I started moving all our photos to Flickr. FRIEND US!

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