Friday, May 18, 2007

Hey Everyone we are playing with the great Drew Danburry and Phoenix's Iji this Tuesday at Rubber Gloves. It's going to be a blast! Please check them out here. I

We met Iji last year in Phoenix. We jumped on the bill at the trunkspace at the last moment and while they were there to see the headliners, they quickly grabbed me after our set and said I needed to play with their band. I smiled and nodded and later that night I heard an awesome song over the PA and turned to Sweatpants and said "this is awesome, who is this?" The Iji dude over heard me and entered the conversation. I was hooked. You will be too. I know it.

lastly, check out this nice quote we got in the Dallas Morning News yesterday:

"The summer's shaping up for fans of local music. Have you heard the new tracks on Fishboy's MySpace? It sounds as if the Denton band may have actually topped the 2005 masterpiece Little D." -Hunter Hauk, Dallas Morning News