Friday, July 20, 2007

Ryan A in visits Denton plus some Tay Zonday

Tuesday everyone should come out to J&Js Pizza a Ryan Anderson plays the first show on his U.S. on the way to Athens Popfest. For those who don't know, Ryan and I did a two man tour to Iowa last summer that ended up being a blast. This time he's put a band together to perform the songs from his new excellent album (and hhbtm release) The Garden Path. Check him out here!

Also playing the show is Voot Cha Index who I think are suppose to break up at the end of the summer so you'll want to see them as many times as possible! Hardin Sweaty and the Ready To Go will be opening the whole show up. Oh, and I'll be doing a solo set. This is going to be rad!

Also, like the rest of america, I too have Tay Zonday fever. Check out this chopped and screwed remix of 'Chocolate Rain' I made yesterday.

Oh, and for those who need and extra shot of solo Fishboy I'll be doing a preview for Tuesday on saturday night at J&Js with a ton of other Denton folk acts.

see you soon!

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