Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This Saturday we will be taking part in a joint presentation with the Undoing of David Wright in which we will both fight to the death and beyond in what will most likely be the most elaborate show either band has ever performed ...but we need your help in the fight!

here is a brief summary of the nights events:

-"Weapons" will be provided to the audience
- There will be set changes
- A variety of special guest stars will appear to fight for each band
- George the Centaur will live up to his name
-hearts will be broken
-some one will give birth
-a cat will marry a dog
-minitramp + moonboots+ hippity hop = ?
- the ghost of John B. Denton will put a curse on Buster Freedman
-The tomato will rise from its ashes only to be burned down again.
-and probably some other stuff.

so yah, you should come.
heres the poster I made!

you can buy one of the 15 nice prints I made of it at the show and have it signed in blood.

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