Thursday, October 25, 2007

"everyone there loves it!"

Hey dudes! just posted an amazing review of the new album! thanks dudes! theres a link to the site over here in the margin ----->

I'm getting really pumped about this album and the tour. I had a long talk with Gabe from Red Pony Clock last night where he just made fun of me for an hour. What a great guy. The tour is shaping up nicely with a couple of minor holes (Llawrence and SLC I'm looking at you.) Check it out over at our myspace page. Anway, I'm slowly gathering links of all the sites and blogs that have supported us over the years and putting them in the margin. If I forgot your please lemme know. Eventually (when I'm not at work) I'll do my own reviews of these sites and talk about how much I love them.

Here are those Harry Potter Donut (amazing)/ not-as-good-as-texas Corn Mo BBQ picks. plus one of the brooklyn bridge

At this place they told me that "everyone in Texas loves Big Red"

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