Friday, October 19, 2007

NEW New York

I everyone! we are at CMJ having a blast! A HUGE thanks to all our friends who showed up to the HHBTM showcase last night. We were totally overwhelmed by the great turnout and response. Already an awesome review has shown up over at

"The first half of the night (before the dash to the Knitting Factory) ended with a power chord and some ferocious air-splits. Texas quartet Fishboy took the stage and announced they were playing their new record, the rock opera Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With the Power of Rock & Roll, in its entirety. It sounded like a joke, a pretty good one even, until the band proceeded to do exactly what they said they were going to do. Damned if it wasn’t amazing. Though they looked like, well, geeks, Fishboy (pity about that name) sounded like the Who if the Who were four skinny kids with a surprisingly wiry strength and a predilection for wearing headbands. The drummer bashed the drums like Moonie, the guitarist windmilled through some fierce power chords and the keyboard/trumpet player… well, he was channeling someone who thought doing calisthenics while mauling his keyboard was a great idea. It kind of is, actually. The songs were catchy as a cactus and the concept wasn’t as goofy as it sounds. When the album comes out in November, it might be worth picking up if only to validate a band that isn’t afraid to do something on a grand scale.""

!!! Amazing!

also the very rad and very awesome TULLYCRAFT out of Seattle gave us a swell shout out a few days ago. They have a new album called Every Scene Needs A Center that comes out tuesday! You should get a copy cause from what I've heard its great.

Well, I'm off to bed tomorrow I'm suppose to get gormet donuts with THIS GUY and "better than Texas BBQ" with THIS GUY (we'll see)

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Brian said...

Great news on the great publicity. You're a rock star! But you already knew that.