Tuesday, December 4, 2007

German Review!

here is a German review run through google translate for your convience

My musical discovery by me recently has still not released. The album "Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With the Power of Rock and Roll" by Fishboy comes into my playback devices not to rest, and if it is fair zuginge in this World, it should be on all the musical year-end rankings the coming weeks are very high. The music is straightforward and good humored, but also of great variety and instrumental reminds me very much of They Might Be Giants, only younger and without which there is often very cryptic texts. The album is 31 minutes long and still be a mature concept album with criminal impact. The first half is well suited as a basis for a criminal-exam:


The 22-year-old F. is an American citizen and lives in Texas, where he grew up. At the age of eight years, predicts his father, a he, F., composed song would once for the state of Texas save. F. believes this presentation and composed until his 22nd Age total of 8,030 songs, in the hope that one of them could be the "salvation" song. In presenting the F. stands him in the spirit of the late rock musician as to the side.

When Aushilfstätigkeit in a restaurant to meet F. T. colleague and told her of the "Prophecy". T. summarizes that the decision, together with F. money funds. Together with F. enters the N.-Bank and demands of the employees cash out, which also issued, with F. employees pursuant to the previously taken Tatplan with a hand grenade threat.

It subsequently attacked F. T. and the same approach total 27 Texas banks. To the "Prophecy" to meet, they go in the company of other musicians and spend their robberies between musical performances. During the entire period of performance F. subject, the spirit of the late rock musician B. accompany him and encourage him to the robberies. Finally, can the police, F. to set a trap and arrest him.

Strafbarkeitvon F. and T.?

Before this story on German students released, it would be obviously a lot to adapt and a few additional "problems" include, but that I leave the Strafrechtlern. Constitutional law interesting is the second part of the album around arrest, U-Haft, trial and imprisonment: extra-long trial period ( "for months and months……"), the jury system and the denial of basic opportunity, freedom wiederzulangen ( "lock him up and throw away the key ").

The album is available in full length here to listen and to see as a comic.

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I love how he seems to use Though Balloon to criticize the United States Jury System. It's the only one we got buddy! :)

Speaking of some year end lists, Rennees Shoreline and Fear of Arthropods both put us down! yay!

Right now we are in Salt Lake City chillin with our friend Erin playing Dr. Mario on the "chill setting" I lost to joe like five times. No good.

We are super pumped about all the northwest shows this weekend. Three Imaginary Girls are promoting the heck out of two awesome shows on friday and saturday.

hope to see you there!


Bernie said...

"I love how he seems to use Though Balloon to criticize the United States Jury System."

Uuhh, no, please don't, er, let me be misunderstood!

I interpreted your songs from a judicial viewpoint, and spotted some stuff that might be good for a discussion (or an examination) in Constitutional Law - but expressed no critizism (there are some good reasons for a jury system and some against it, well, for several reasons I believe it works better in the US than it would here in Germany).

Anyway, thank you for posting! Hey, you are not, by any chance, playing a gig in Florida between Dec, 26 and Dec, 31?

fishbulb said...

Not to worry Bernie, I too believe it would be a good discussion in constitutional law.

I will actually be in California for work on those dates. sorry! wrong side of the country! :)

Juliar said...

Yo Fishboy! You seen this? RetroLowFi talked about ya.
And thanks so much for linking to FOA! You made a little blogger very happy.


Juliar said...
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