Tuesday, January 22, 2008

weekend recap. peel. mathletes. rushmore.

Last weekend, aside from getting sick up until this morning, was wonderful. It started early on Thursday night when we played at the Cavern in Dallas with Austin's wonderful PEEL and the Happy Bullets. We had played last Sunday in Austin with Peel and this was somewhat of a trade off. Sorry to say I should have let Peel folks know that we usually have better crowds at all ages shows since our audience is a good mix of the young and old. About six or seven people under 21 approached us outside before the show because they couldn't get in. I haven't played the Cavern in over a year but I guess the deal is they need to hire an extra person to walk around and make sure minors aren't drinking if they make the show 18+ and since it wasn't communicated before hand, no extra guy was hired. sooo SORRY six guys that had to be turned away, I promise we will play an all ages Dallas show sometime somewhere. The bands were great. We had a fun time. I got to borrow the Happy Bullets amp which sounded nice. I got home and went to bed at 3am only to get up at 8 for work.

Friday I took off work at four and we drove down to Houston through horrible rainy weather for about four or five hours and hopped out to find a little Houston club called the Proletariat. Appearently this place is about to be torn down, so what otherwise would have been a neat little rock club was now a post apocalyptic hole in the wall. (not that I wouldn't rather play a post apocalyptic hole in the wall over a nice little rock club, just sayin) The opening bands were superb and then we took the stage. Things were going along nicely when the right half of the stage totally lost all power causing Sweatpants to go into hyperactive-must-save-the-show-mode. (not that I wouldn't perfer sweatpants to go into hyperactice-must-save-the-show-mode) On top of this there was one super fan (who will remain nameless) who wouldn't stop yelling out for "Quatro!" Not just yelling out, but screaming INSANELY for Quatro as if she was being thrown into a trash compactor. Those of you who have seen us since the album came out are familiar that lately our set lists have been to play the album all the way through, rarely stopping in between songs so that we can get the most non stop rock in the shortest amount of time. I weighed my options and decided to just barrelle through the rock opera instead of playing Quatro. She only got louder. By the time our quiet closer came around she was yelling "QUUUUAAAAATROOOOOOO" and "I HAAAATTEEE YOUUUU" and "I WANT TOOO HEAR A SONG ABOUT A HORSE!!" (guess she thinks that song is about a horse) in between every line. I tried to make her part of the song by telling the audience to imagine a screaming inmate in the cell next to you as you came up with the song that was going to save the lone star state. That went over well. Anyway, we played a great set I thought.

The Mathletes were incredible. This post was originally going to be about how much I love the creative projects of Joe Mathlete (see the marmaduke blog to the right) but I'm running out of my lunch break and will have to b'logg about that later.

After the show we stayed at Clay from the Dimes apartment and got up in the morning to see different landmarks from my favorite movie Rushmore. Here are some pictures.
100000 miles at Rushmore Academy!
The gym to Grover Cleveland High School was unlocked.

this is a picture on the wall of the barbershop.

(insert your own quote from the movie under this picture)


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