Friday, March 28, 2008

post sxsw blog round up thingy

I think I've finally recuperated from sxsw two weeks ago. We played four days in a row and by the last night I was so tired I missed all the bands I wanted to see (sorry Why?) My favorite day was definately the excellent Weekend at Bernies 3 house party thrown by Chris Yetter featuring all my friends that I never get to see!

So, anyway, I wanted to give some thanks to the people who reviewed our set(s) afterwards on the interwebs by linking them back and what not.

Heres a great one from the Denver Post:
Fishboy. It's a shame these talented, pop-adoring kids from Denton, Texas, played their SXSW showcase to an almost empty room. The indie pop quartet and their record "Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With the Power of Rock and Roll" deserve the kind of fandom reserved for Ted Leo, the Mountain Goats and others.

Fishboy rule! There's no way around it. Really fun band from Denton Texas. We caught them at the tiny Habana Annex on March 13.

Check em out. I even bought their cd!

-Chrisville USA (Thanks dude!)

2:00- I sneak out to meet up with Daytonboy and co. at Lovejoy’s. Then something awesome happens. This random band gets on stage- “Hi there, we’re Fishboy from Denton Texas,” and they begin. They play their whimsical rock opera album from start to finish and it is indie-pop-tastically great. One of those unexpected treats that is the whole reason to go to SXSW.
-The Donny Brook Writing Academy (Thank you sir!)

2 p.m. - Fishboy (1024 East 44th St.) - The native Texan's show is a complete performance from beginning to end of his fantastic 2007 record release, Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lonestar State With the Power of Rock and Roll. It's a twee rock opera (and a brilliant album). Apparently there's even more story inserted when they play it live.
PASTE MAGAZINE (this technically was a reccomendation that was posted before the fest...but still! Thanks PASTE! or...some 'mysterious' contributor)

and then some other stuff than I found (thanks google!)
A proper TIG review from Erik Gonzalez:
...Fishboy has that same charm of early Green Day, a sort of "rough on the edges" rock band that survives on its moxy and enthusiasm...
(wait till you hear our 'Brain Stew!')

A cool review from Athens Exchange that thinks Albatross is our 6th album (that must be why its so good!)
THANKS Kathryn!

and THEN...two weeks ago I posted the new video
and have gotten some amazing feedback from all these people:
I Guess I'm

Cable and Tweed
You Aint No Picasso
Pasta Primavera
Fear of Arthropods
Retro Lowfi
Hejl Hath No Fury
It Covers The Hillsides
The Latest Show on Earth (a very rad new york web show)
HHBTM Blog (yes, our record label blogged about our video)
There is a strange blog post about fishboy blogging over at DC9 at Night. So I guess this blog post is blogging about a blog that is blogging about more blogs blogging about Fishboy

Go visit these kind supportive people who write about rad things other than our music.

ok also, we have a big tour coming up east coast style. It's almost all booked and up on our myspace page. go to it! and help up fill in any empty dates if you see them.



Brian Retchless said...

Nice, man. You deserve the press! Keep up the rock and I'm sure it'll keep rolling in.

jb said...

Don't worry about apologizing to Why? - I went to their show Saturday and walked up after they played to say

'Hey, I just wanted to say that I - Fishboy - enjoyed your South By SouthWest showcase. I, Fishboy I mean, will see you again the next time you come around. What's that? Oh, yes - I shaved. No, no, perhaps I look a little different because it's SXSW and everyone has been drinking since Wednesday evening - I, Fishboy, must be on my way... it was great to have made it to your show after all...'

So, that's all taken care of.