Friday, April 25, 2008

last night (spring tour update #2)

We played an awesome show with That's My Daughter and Wooden Kites at the Way Out Club in St. Louis. but wait wait....before that, the day started at 8am when we woke up at Matt from Jacob Enwoods house in Fayetteville. He had to go to work so we cleared out and hung out at chickfila for a while before making the trek up to St. Louis. On the way, we stopped at Carthage, Mo where we went to the precious moments cathedral (see pictures in last post.) This place is essential a chaple, a gift shop and a couple different gardens with giant Precious Moments statues everywhere. It was amazing. The chapel was painted like...well the Sistene Chapel if all the characters has giant heads and droopy eyes. After that, we headed up to St. Louis, grabbed some dinner and hung out until the show. Afterwards we went to Marios where he showed us an amazing video of the man we shared a stage with last time in St. Louis: Satan's God.

We've been making some good videos so hopefully something will come out of that once this whole trip is over.

tonight! lawrence with the Jim Button Band!

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