Thursday, July 31, 2008

last weekend recap

Oh boy, last weekend was a great one. I'm only now getting around to talking about it. I got to hang out with the PCC and the Mathelets on Friday at our show and because people actually showed up this (thanks guys!) I moved my set to last so that they would witness the awesomeness of the Poison Control Center, who by the way, totally killed it both times we saw them friday and saturday....anyway, my solo set was poorly thought out and resulted in one of the more interesting set lists of all time. Heres a recap in list form

-stand on side bench and ask for requests
-stumble through Saving Lincoln from the rare 2003 album Zipbangboom with lyrical help from the audience
-stumble through Our Escape from Little D with lyrical help from the audience
-comment on how weird it is to hear a group of people sing about Ted Danson
-tell people about the new recordings and then play a song that got cut from them
-start Quatro
-guitar goes out of tune after one line
-hand guitar off and sing the entire song with audience acapella
-take cover requests
-tell story about covering 'Joy to the World' in at Rubber Gloves
-cover Joy to the World (Three Dog Night)
-Jump to PCC's instruments with Justin on Bass, Pat (pcc) on Drums and Joe (pcc) on trumpet
-play sloppy versions of Taqueria Girl and Race Car
-Switch Pat out for Cliff (R-Wolf) on drums
-play Albatross
-play the Jurassic Park theme
-have everyone sing along and lead them into the back alley
-keep singing and have audience share their favorite JP1 moments.


The next day I was so tired I took five naps and then went to Dallas to see PCC open for the Apples in Stereo. Well my friends, they were amazing. Better than the Friday show and definitely winning over new Dallas fans. Not to say that Big Fresh and the Apples weren't excellent as well, but PCC was definitely a show stealer, especially when they covered Jumping Fences by the Olivia Tremor Control with Bill Doss. The other highlight of the evening was having the Apples call up Fishboy and Chris Yetter to play and sing along to Ruby from Her Wallpaper Reverie! By the end of the song half the audience was on stage yelling along.

what a night!

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