Tuesday, August 26, 2008

popfest recap

well folks, its been over a week and I'm settling back into the groove so I thought I'd give you all a quick recap on last weekends (or two weekends ago) trip to Athens for the annual POPFEST!

Best band that lived up to the hype: Music Tapes.

I didn't know what to expect going into it, but I loved every second. The energy on stage was very reminiscent of the Neutral Milk Hotel dvd bootlegs Chris Yetter gave me a while back. Also, giving the entire audience kazoos was genius. Collective goosebumps filled the room. 

Best bands to relaunch a great label with: The Buddy System and Ruby Isle
The Buddy System is a badass most instrumental very stylish quartet that uses wonderful flash animation that coincides with every sound made on stage. I loved it.  here's their grand finale:

Ruby Isle is an excellent combination of 70s cheesy power pop (think The Sweet or Cheap Trick) combined with well produced dance beats. I, for one, am not a fan of the dance music...nope, "disco suxs" may as well be tattooed on my neck, but two things made me bend to the will of Ruby Isle. 
1) A live drummer. This made all the difference in the world (certain exkindercore backing track heavy bands please take note) I can listen to a million different prerecorded instruments as long as there is a live drummer, take that away and all I can do you is picture you playing guitar in your bedroom with headphones on
2) clever tongue and cheek lyrics. Aliens and night vision sex tapes and whatever the hell these songs were about...it was all gold. 

hats off to the return of Kindercore (who also puts out awesome comic books too!)

Best Apples in Stereo side project: The American Revolution
Take the best psychedelic drone songs by the Apples, double the length and sign me up for more.  It's a shame they only played three songs. I loved every second.

Best band I didn't see: Amo Joy

sorry Little Birds. These guys win for best not seen. Maybe next year I'll not see you more.

Best band to name dropped my horrible chopping and screwing abilities: The Smittens. 

Yes, thats right, last month I lazily tried my hand at chopping and screwing the most twee band in the world.  Here it is:
I enjoy the Smittens so much that I wish they each had their own giant robot that came together like Voltron.

Best dude I finally met in person: Rich from Cable and Tweed!
Check out the awesome David Berman interview up now!

Best Elf Power set I've ever seen: Elf Power....uh playing at this years...popfest..
it was good! what else can I say!

Best building accidently mistaken for a real mall: The Monroe, LA Medical Mall
On the way to Athens we stopped for lunch and coffee in Monroe and saw a big looking Mall shaped building that by all logic would have a Starbucks inside. Sure enough it was a Medical Mall with only shops related to...medicine.  We were a bit confused so I walked up to the elderly receptionist and asked:
 "excuse me is there a medical food court in this medical mall?"
"yes, this WHOLE THING is a medical mall!"
"uh ok, never mind"

On that note, I will end this awards ceremony.  See you next popfest!


Chris said...

Pretty sure that Thee American Revolution pic is over a year old. :)

fishbulb said...

but robert wasn't in a MooMoo this year!

Chris said...

Maybe not at the party you were invited to.