Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why? Mount Eerie and Fishboy

Next week we are playing YET AGAIN at the amazing Granada Theater making it the third awesome show since July. This time we will be opening up for not one, but TWO of our favorite bands ever. 

I've seen WHY? a couple of times and we even got to open for them back in 2005. Since then their albums have only gotten stronger and stronger bringing us up to the new one which is Alopecia.  Here is a rad video Justin "Sixlettes" Lloyd took of their performance at this years SXSW.

Our first show with Mount Eerie goes back even further to the last tour under the name The Microphones in 2004. This was back when SLAPBRACELET was on drums and before the band even considered having a bass player.  Before the show I talked to Phil and asked him if he would like to sit in with us on guitar. Sure enough, he loved the idea, plugged his electric in direct and randomly noodled through the whole set while sitting on stage. At this point most of Denton had yet to come to a Fishboy show so there was a mass of confusion. It was great! afterwards Phil told me that was the first time he'd ever played a guitar solo.

 I totally forgot that my girlfriends camera was rolling that night and a couple of months ago she surprised me with this: PHIL ELVRUMS FIRST GUITAR SOLO:

You guys like that thumbs up I give him at the end? Quick! some one call the forkcast! 
"Nerd in cape gives Phil Elvrum unnecessary encouragement after witnessing his first guitar solo"


darcy elizabeth said...

this is going to be SUCH A GOOD SHOW. i want to make it out SO BADLY. idk if i can though. ugh.

Juliar said...

Erg, jealousy! I love Phil's music...