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Hey Guys! Thanks to everyone who has already placed orders for you the new record!!! You guys are awesome. I wanted to let everyone know you can now listen to the whole thing over at

We've already gotta a lot of kind words about the EP and before they get lost in the sea of the internet I've pasted some here for archival purposes. If you want a promo copy for your site or blog let us know I'll well get you one. Some tour dates have been posted and We keep confirming shows everyday. Hope to see the westcoast soon!

For Fishboy’s new “Nom” EP, they recorded the vocals for a few songs and passed them off to their buddies and fellow Denon-ites the Om Nom Noms to create the backing tracks. The result is pretty sweet. Head over to their Muxtape to stream three — especially check out “Bricks part 1.”

Fishboy on Muxtape

And if you’re lazy, greedy or just a Muxtape-boycotter, here’s an MP3 just for you. I highly suggest grabbing Fishboy’s Albatross… album, but this EP is also a pretty sweet little record. Well done, Fishboy.

MP3: Fishboy - Cobra Cobra

UPDATE: Just heard from the band that they’ll be releasing the album as vinyl/digital only on Happy Happy Birthday to Me records on August 18. It’s got about five more songs that we haven’t heard, so keep your ears perked for more from that one!

-You Aint No Picasso

Denton's Fishboy is a super fun act for a number of reasons: For one, there are the songs like "Half Time at the Proper Name Spelling Bee," which toe the line between the cutesy and the smartly funny (and are so adored by fans that people decide to make tribute videos to the band, like the one above, in which someone took the already mentioned spelling-themed song and set it to clips of the spelling bee documentary, Spellbound). Secondly, there's the sound, which former Observer contributor Dave Sims aptly described in Paste magazine as sounding like "The Ramones fronted by Babe the pig." Then there's the energetic live performances, which, as seen just last Friday night at the Annex House in Dallas, feature the three-piece poppy, punky act jumping about like nerds oblivious to their own nerdiness (or perhaps just incredibly comfortable with that fact--making it all the more awesome).

Lastly, there's the creativity: Frontman Eric Michener hand-draws all of the band's posters is part of it. But another great example of that spark? The plan for the band's upcoming EP, Nom.

The concept's pretty cool: Michener recorded all nine of the disc's tracks fairly basically--just tracking his vocals and some acoustic guitar strums--and passed the disc along to The On Nom Noms (Denton producers Howard Draper and Mark Sonnabaum) to fill in the rest, completely devoid of his own input. The results? Some pretty great stuff, including the tracks "Larger Than Before" and "Tired Tired," which find Michener's nasally voice coupled with ambient pianos, cymbals and some faint choir singing--basically a far cry from (and fittingly, larger than) any previous Fishboy tracks. Another standout? The song "Accidents," which is more driving than most Fishboy tracks normally dare try to be.

Check Hype Machine and you'll see the blogosphere already geeking out about the geek rock that ensued (not to mention a few more downloads)--and for good reason. After the jump, Michener's press release notes on the disc, which will be officially released in mid-August, and its creative process. And, also after the jump? A free download of "Accidents," to boot.


Where's Fishboy? On the nomination lists for recent DFW music award ballots, we mean, and in an inquiry not unrelated, where in the world?

Eric Michener, the creator of Denton indie rock's most conceptually sound albums and all-around magnet of exciting times has been busy staging Fishboy's super-meta indie-rock opera Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll at shows around the country for, like, two years. And it seems that epic story is not yet over.

We just received notification from Fishboy himself that a follow-up EP has emerged from bits and pieces he wrote during the opera's conception that didn't quite fit into the Albatross narrative. But there's more.

In a way similar to the tactics Wilco used to make A Ghost Is Born, with Jeff Tweedy quickly recording rough tracks on vocals and acoustic guitar as the band listened and played along in another room, inaudible to Tweedy, Michener passed along skeleton versions of the orphaned songs to Mark Sonnabaum, who produced the townie-chronicling Fishboy album Little D, and Howard Draper of Shearwater/Okkerville River/Little Grizzly fame. Except Michener gave the producers, called the Om Nom Noms (for their power to consume) complete license to do with the songs what they would.

We were granted a listen to the nine songs on the collection, entitled NOM. For longtime Fishboy fans such as ourselves, the definitive b-side feel of the EP is full of intriguing twists and turns on the style front. NOM's set to drop on August 18, so we won't say too much until we've had the proper time to, er, chew on it. But the rockin' song "Accidents" slipped to us to share with you shows the range of the project with its big, fuzzy punk rock sound. (The first two songs on Fishboy's Myspace page, "Cobra Cobra" and "Gabe Saucedo Hates My Guts," also appear on the EP.)

See Fishboy Friday at the Annex House with Math the Band and Giggle Party. Show's at 9 p.m.

(Psst, if you didn't get the hint, here's Fishboy's Accidents in downloadable MP3 glory)

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Pop songs your new girlfriend’s too stupid to know about

Howdy everyone. Marc With a C here, with my top seven favorite albums of 2009 (so far). For whatever reason, I haven’t been blown away by a ton of things this year. Maybe I’m just getting old. Truth be told, I haven’t been acquiring as much “new” music as of late. Nope, instead I’ve been endlessly spinning older releases by Steely Dan, They Might Be Giants and Children Of The Sixth Root Race. However, when I’ve taken a break from that playlist, these albums really did it for me.

In no particular order (except for this first one):

Casper & The Cookies - “Modern Silence”
Meat Puppets - “Sewn Together”
Neko Case - “Middle Cyclone”
The Lemonheads - “Varshons”
Robby Roadsteamer - “I Solved Every Miniquest”
Fishboy - “Nom”
Robert Pollard - “The Crawling Distance”

-Eat this City

Fishboy of Denton, Texas has granted us a press release of their EP entitled Nom being released August 18th. I have been awaiting this album since it's announce months ago and managed to become a reputable press source.

The album will be released on 12" vinyl and some hand screened CD-rs. Fishboy did the vocals and then sent them to their goods friends the band The Om Nom Noms to do the instrumentals. The two compliment each other so well that you would never know that neither had any input on each other. The songs are rejects of their last rock opera the would confuse the story or just didn't flow. The album puts out some catchy indie fun into always amusing lyrics that you would have to be a fool to not smile at. In Nom, Fishboy proves their development from a basement solo project to a group of fun, creativity, and pure indie rock fun with a hint of twee. I have been a fan of Fishboy for quite a long time and I can not wait to own this on vinyl and CD. Happy Birthday To Me Records is putting this all out and you can get their last album and rock opera "Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll" along with their previous album "Little D" for just 10 dollars combined! They are also going to release a west coast tour to take place after their album release.

-Pop is Dead

Well, it's about time, and I was delighted as the official news landed in my inbox this afternoon! Denton, TX's Fishboy officially have a brand new EP coming out August 18th!

The songs off the new EP, Nom, were originally written for 2007's brilliant Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll (a 2007 of both me and imaginary Liz), but were scrapped as plot lines changed or to fit the flow of the album. And, instead of having the band toil in the studio, Mr. Fishboy himself Eric Michener had some Denton superstars dubbed "the Om Nom Noms" record all the songs.

Michener took one trip into the studio, recorded vocals and scratch guitar, the guitar was deleted, and the Noms reconstructed the songs however they saw fit. Some upbeat songs became ambient, some hushed finger picked songs became rockers, and anything was possible in between.

To add to my giddy excitement, Nom will be coming out on 12" vinyl with album sleeves that double as fold out prints that will be hand screened by the bandmembers. And, the first 100 orders will come with special goodies!

-Three Imaginary Girls

Sunday morning again…the weekend is slowly slipping away…Monday looms ahead. Perhaps Fishboy’s new song “CItalicobra Cobra” will cheer you up. It’s a light-hearted song speaking of promise, busyness, eventually growing up, and a cobra that has legs. I found out about Fishboy’s new EP via You Ain’t No Picasso the other day and couldn’t be happier. Fishboy just have a way to make me smile. Perhaps because they remind me of old Dead Milkmen sometimes or perhaps because they made a concept album featuring the ghost of Buddy Holly as one of the main characters. The release is called the Nom EP because they recorded the vocals then passed the tracks along to another Denton band, The Om Nom Noms for the backing music. You can stream some more fab tracks at their Muxtape page, but here’s “Cobra Cobra”.
-Pasta Primavera

It's been over a year since I first stumbled across the Texas-based pop outfit and now they're prepping the release of a new EP titled Nom. I got the chance to chat with Fishboy himself, Eric Michener, about their EP and upcoming LP. While their next full length release is going to be a rock opera sequel, Nom takes many of the in-between tracks and flushes them out in a unique way. Michener would go into the studio first and track his vocals with scratch guitar; then the band would come in later, erase the guitar, and play whatever they wanted without letting him hear it until it was finished. Some slow songs became fast, while other uptempo tracks became ambient. Have a listen to the short, sweet IGIF premier track "Bricks (Part 1)":The simple beat and pleasant vocals make for a delightful tune, one that I wish would go on for a minute or so longer. The piano and vocal delivery remind me of a style similar to The Weakerthans - a cherished band from my youth. Nom will release via 12" on August 18th but follow the link to grab two more unreleased tunes and some back catalogue goodies.

-I Guess I'm Floating


Fishboy: Nom [Album Review]

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Fishboy at the Fremont Troll in Seattle

In retrospect, Fishboy’s Albatross should have garnered my #1 album slot for 2007. Seriously: the album remains one of the most-listened-to albums even today. The oft dubbed Twee Rock Opera was a truly brilliant concoction. And, as front-man Eric Michener quietly hints at a follow-up, he releases Nom, a nine-song EP consisting of rejects from the original concept album.

If you find Albatross to be an interesting concept, Nom will follow suit. Fishboy sent the songs to a band of friends (the band: Om Nom Noms) who put the words music. For the next phase, it is worth noting the band’s words sans any paraphrasing or other crap like slicing and dicing:

Fishboy proved with Albatross that they were a forward-thinking, state-of-the-art type of band. And with Nom they continue to prove to the world that Fishboy is one of the most awesome, totally spectacular and unparalleledly phenomenal bands in the whole freakin’ world.


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