Friday, August 21, 2009

greetings from phoenix

Outside a Dairy Queen/Gas Station in Arizona

Last night we played a huge show in Tuscon at the Dry River Collective. There were about six or seven other bands on the bill with a lot of kids packed in. Definitely one of the best shows so far on the tour. One band we played with was Andrew Jackson Jihad which was an acoustic duo who played passionate folk-punk with most of the audience singing along. They graciously gave us props and told their legions to buy our CD. THANKS GUYS
This is a picture of several zines being hung out to dry after the most ironic flood of all time at the Dry River Collective.

I got a Califoria Burrito (steak, potatoes, cheese, salsa) afterwards. In Arizona a California Burrito is called an "Arizona Burrito."

Tonight we play in Phoenix with none other than Red Pony Clock featuring Gabe Saucedo of "Gabe Saucedo Hates My Guts" Fame. This should be good.

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bleep_bloop said...

definitely dug the show!
p.s. im glad you got to experience the magic that is the Taco Shop