Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ok, time to play blog tour catchup

Phoenix was at the Trunk Space where we had previously played before with Parenthetical Girls in 2006. This was the show where I first met Zach from Iji. Our old friends Red Pony Clock played one of the best sets I've ever seen them play. It was also a treat to have Gabe Saucedo sing his lines during the now classic NOM hit "Gabe Saucedo Hates My Guts" Two other awesome groups that played were two folks from Fatigo and The Haunted Cologne. The former reminded me of Dead Milkmen with an olde-timey organ. We stayed at Zach's parents house that night and got some well needed rest.

The next day we headed to San Diego, home of Red Pony Clock. Our show that night was at a well known house who throws shows and parties. Fishboy was apparently too loud for the show as the cops showed up about five songs into our set causing all the other bands to have to play acoustic. OH WELL. We played with an excellent group this night called Endless Bummer who put out an album on Jon Manning of Iji's label: Lost Sound Tapes. It's called Mix Tape For Donald Fagen and I got a copy I'll review later. One of the best parts of the night was talking to a hispanic gangster who claimed he was in a gang called the Diamond Dogs named after the David Bowie song. We quized him on his Bowie knowledge and he seemed to have his act down. Plus he had a big tattoo on his side that said "diamond dogs" After some late night burritos with french fries in them, we crashed at Gabes.

The next day we chilled all day and got chinese with the Saucedos, and slowly made our way up to LA to the Tribal Cafe, a nice little diner where the show was that night...and what a show it was. Again we were packed into a tiny but cozy place with an extremely receptive audience; the best LA show we have played by far. My old friend and roommate skip came out and brought some friends as well as our exdrummer John "kombuchapus rex" Clardy and his excellent new band. The last song of our set was proper name spellingbee and during the break Sweatpants jumped on something causing everything to come unpluged. We scrambled around, fixed it all and kicked back in to the excitement and hilarity of all.

We crashed at Skip's that night and hung out with him the next day in LA. It was great to catch up for sure. We headed out and pushed through traffic to get to Santa Babara where an intense packed and sweaty show was waiting for us. This was the hometown and last show of Watercolor Paintings aka Josh and Rebecca, so for the first song of our set we covered one of their songs "so many lights so many stars" By the end of the set, there was sweat dripping off the ceiling. It will be really hard to top this one. Later that night we stayed at the WCP house where all their friends sat and played songs. There is an amazing group of people making music in Santa Barbara. I'm glad we got to be apart of it for one night.

Today we had a day off so we drove half way to Santa Cruz, stopped at Taylor the Iji drummer's parents' house and ate and took highway 1 the rest of the way. We stopped and watched a beautiful sunset of ocean and mountains all at once. By far an unforgettable experience.

pictures in the morning!! my battery is going to die so I cant edit my spelling/grammar! sorry for flubs!!!!

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