Thursday, September 24, 2009

the silence breaks.

I've been avoiding blogging since I didnt finish the tour blog. I told myself "once I get the pictures from the rest of the tour, I'll sum things up and start writing regularly!" well one excuse after another, a month flies by and here we are.

The rest of the tour was really great. Particularly Seattle, Olympia, and Lawrence. You guys are great. Everyone else though....I keed.

ok guys I'm gonna start posting more often. I'll put some pictures up soon and announce some new Fishboy news, events, etc...

In the meantime, THANKYOU to every one who has bought the record. I know its not on the tips of everyone's tongues as the must have album of the season, but I really do thank you for all money that has gone our way in order to recoup this little guy.

you guys are great.

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