Thursday, November 5, 2009

half handed and a little news.

I am going to see Half Handed Cloud tonight! He doesn't come to Texas often so I'm very excited. While we were at a resturant in San Francisco this past tour John Ringhoffer walked by and saw us through the window. He was taking a break from recording his new record so hopefully we'll hear some of those songs. The past times I've seen him he has played with a minimal group of one or two people who are all multitasking instruments like crazy! here is a sample

In Fishboy news, I have spent most of October constructing a dense, elaborate compact group of songs that tell a strange new story. The rest of the year we will be trying out new members and figuring out how to construct the demos into full band songs. As of now I think these songs have the potential to be be our most ambitious undertaking yet. Sorry if that's too vague, comment with some questions and I'll try answer them if you need to know more! Of course with every Fishboy record, there is a long explanation/set up to the whole thing, but I'll hold off on telling it now.


JKENDALL said...

are they dark?

fishbulb said...

There are one or two dark spots, but no darker than the darkest I've ever darkended.