Wednesday, December 9, 2009

get pumped!

This SATURDAY in the beautiful city of Denton Sweatpants and I will be playing a rare DUET SHOW (2002 style) where we will be revealing the extensive plot and plans and most of the songs off the new unrecorded unrehearsed 2010 Fishboy album. I want this to be the best show to end the year on. I know a lot of times I throw these J&Js shows and they end up being so loose as if the band or myself is well...jamming in a basement, but this one....will honestly, probably be a lot like that...but soo good. We're going to pull out as many stops as two men can to make it great.  Also playing is the fantastic MINORCAN of Austin with whome Sweatpants plays keys and trumpet in as well....and then George Neal of legendary Denton rock group Little Grizzly and current Denton legends in the making The Slowburners. Then starting things off will be Big Round Spectacles, a young man who I have not seen perform yet but who has enthusiastically and patiently awaited his first show with Fishboy. On top of all this, its FREE.  We'll encourage you to throw a couple bucks in to get Minorcan back to Austin but other than that, its on the house! Things kick off 9ish, so come hang out and eat some pizza.

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