Sunday, January 31, 2010

horraay for friends

Here's some awesome updates on our friends!

Me and Caesar listening to BOAT

This new BOAT album is awesome! As good if not better than their last one for sure.  They got some very kind words from Pitchfork who called them "POST-TWEE!" When I listen to the album I really don't hear that label but neither do I really agree with Fishboy being called twee. However,  people need labels so I gladly embrace the terml and run with it.  I once told Gabe Saucedo that if people were going to call me twee I'd try to be the greatest twee band of all time. He said:

 I can't disagree!

Speaking of Gabe, it turns out Red Pony Clock played a show with Grapevine hometown heroes Mount Righteous last week or a week before that and threw a glass of water on the bell player Kendall. I need to hear that whole story from one of them. Here he is before the show being agressive in the parkinglot:

Speaking of twee and Pitchfork, some of our Business Deal friends in Austin also got a great write up for the re-release of their two demos in album form. That's right, its YellowFever!
The original YellowFever

 I haven't talking to these dudes in a while, and I know Isabel has been out of the band living in New York for a few years...but I do know that Jennifer and crew have toured like crazy spreading around the E.P.s that us Business Deal folks have loved for ages.  If you like listening to simple pop with lovely harmonies. Check them out! 

Lastly, remember that Corn Mo video I showed you a few days ago? I submitted it to who posted it, which lead to bigger and bigger blogs reposting it having it finally end up on G4's Attack of the Show last week! Here it is!

- E3 2010 -
The music video now has 26k+ hits on youtube!

In conclusion, I love when great stuff happens to my friends.

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