Friday, April 30, 2010

classic comic weekend!

This is one of the first comics I ever drew while on staff at the high school paper.  I had auditioned for the resident comic strip author and wasn't told that I didn't get the job until after my schedule was already locked in and the semester had started,  so by default I became a staff writer which to me, meant I would just draw comics anyway and tape them to the wall. The only articles i remember writing were a fake diary from the perspective of a lovesick robot (7 years before Wall-E) and a review of a Fishboy CD in which I heaped on the praises without revealing I was Fishboy.  When the final print came there was an editors note that said something like "Eric Michener the author is actually Fishboy" making me look pretty dumb.  When the whole class asked the teacher why she did that she said: "THE SCHOOL PAPER ISN'T THE PLACE FOR YOUR WEIRD INSIDE JOKES" I drew another comic and taped it to the wall. 


Kat said...

Hooray for High School newspaper!

jba of hello prints! said...

wow to all of that.