Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Shows! Denton! Seattle!?

We have two shows coming up! The first one will be a full band show in Denton at Haileys presented by the good people at Gutterth. We've each been mutual fans of each other for some time but have never been able to match up schedules until now! Also playing will be Boxcar Bandits, Delmore Pilcrow and more! We are going to play a lot of new stuff as it may be the last full band show before we go into the studio but will try and throw in a couple of surprises.

Next! I am going on a trip to Seattle to see some friends get married and visit family. While I'm there, I'm going to play at least one solo show (maybe more... not counting a wedding reception) it's going to be with the fabulous Terrordactyls, Heligoats  and more at the Mars Bar on June 11th! I hope to see all my Seattle pals there!

at Sonic Boom Records during my last trip to Seattle


Lost Sound Tapes said...

Eric, let's hang out in Seattle duuuuude.

fishbulb said...

yes! lets remember the good times and get some dumpster pizza!

Roosterruler said...

Excitement is had for the Seattle show! Will most certainly be there. Toes won't stop a'wigglin' with anticipation.

Side Note - Would you ever consider doing a song with my cardboard cutout of myself? or at least sign her?

fishbulb said...

yes, I will certainly consider that.