Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday MOTION Comic!-Manute Bol

I may have spoken of this before but it deserves repeating. In 2003 I started a free style hip hop group with some of my friends called La Junta High School. Our recording process was as followed:

  1. find and awesome sample or beat
  2. look through the stack of 90-91 NBA HOOPS basket ball cards I had lying around from my glory days on the court.
  3. find a weird looking basket ball player that seemed like they probably didn't get enough attention
  4. pass the mic around and record some clever insult raps directed towards the player
  5. keep the first take and fix it with editing until the song is awesome
The resulting group of songs became the long lost album Save My Baby Now by La Junta High School. One of our finest songs was about the recently deceased Manute Bol. I decided that instead of simply dedicating Sunday's comic to him I would animate a comic set to the La Junta song. I hope you like it.


Neener said...

Um, that was pretty much amazing!

fishbulb said...

thanks neener!