Thursday, August 5, 2010

Comic from Friday/post tour update: day 3!

Yes, sadly we dropped the ball on Cincinnati. Sorry for anyone who may have come to the show expecting me to play. The main reason we were so late getting on the road was because we spent to long in the amazing and massive city museum in St. Louis which is pretty much four stories of every child's dream playground/tree house made of junk! I could go on forever describing it, but here are a few pictures instead:

more comics and tour pictures are coming soon!


SystemError said...

You know, if you had someone to clap when it was time to leave, you would have gotten to that gig.

fishbulb said...

ha! true. The good old clap clap never fails.

Fizzy Business said...

City Museum is the best! We went there on tour last summer. I'm wearing the shirt right now. St Louis is awesome.