Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little D is in the store!

For those of you who have been looking for it, I put the remaining copies of Little D up in the Yo Fishboy Store. The album was self released (we paid for it ourselves) on Business Deal (they helped tell people about it) back in 2005. If you have yet to hear the album I recommend getting a copy some way or another. While the band has certainly come a long way since then, the final product is a sugar coated/bizarre/hyper/laid back/experimental pop record that certainly holds a place in my heart. There are around 100 or so left of the current run and once they are gone it will probably be a while before we press some more.


The Pancake Master said...

I have that! Listened to it some driving from Kansas City to Saint Louis. What and where is that building?

Casey said...

Dear Fishboy,

You rule, and ever cd is better than the last!

That is all.

fishbulb said...

Thanks dude! Rob, that building is the Morrison's Corn Kits building in Denton.