Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whoes the Double Rainbow Boss? Show Tonight!

I was looking around on youtube this morning and found non other than Tony Danza's video diary account: The Daily Danza. At first I was surprised to see that he had been posting videos for almost a full year and yet the most views on any of them totaled to around 200. Then I came upon this magical gem. In 2009 almost a year before double-rainbow hysteria swept it's way across the internet, Tony Danza found his own magical double rainbow. Look how happy he is!

Speaking of double rainbows, TONIGHT two separate bands/groups of friends who live in different states across the country are going to intersect in Denton Texas to play an awesome free show at the Hydrant tonight with myself and New Science Projects (who is perhaps my favorite Denton performer) Iji, a former Phoenix now Seattle pop band we toured with around this time last summer and Amo Joy the Indiana band that meshes together all of my favorite 60's psych pop traits into one great package.  It's free so if you live in Denton please stop by. Here's that flier again:

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