Saturday, November 20, 2010

Show Announcement! Next Wednesday! J&Js with Googolplexia

portrait photo by Tex Jernigan of

Hey Folks! Next week the night before Thanksgiving we are playing as a three piece power trio with Rob aka Googolplexia of St. Louis. It's free and it will be very entertaining, what else could you want?? I played a great show on my last tour with Rob and afterwards he prompted Erik Von Damage of Bunnygrunt to tell his now legendary story meeting Tom Waits that I turned into a comic here. 

A few months later I got an email pointing me toward the portrait that I used for the flyer above.  There has never been a more glowing endorsement for one of my shirts, so I added a rainbow and scribbled all over it.

See you Wednesday!


The Pancake Master said...

Man, how flattering. And what a great flyer/perfect picture for it. Bringing it all together. We are gonna have as much fun as you're allowed to have in a pizza parlor's basement this week.

fishbulb said...

yeah! its gonna be great!