Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Comic!-Pocket Chomps Penguin-PLUS AN UPDATE!

OK! I am officially up to date with my daily comic which means no more comics thrown at you faster than you can read. Just in time too, because we aren't that far away from launching deluxe pre-orders for our new record Classic Creeps. I will be posting up new songs and videos and art and whatnot that actually relates to the band and its music, instead of all these weird/sad/poorly drawn comics that you all love.

Hey while we are on the subject of Pocket the rabbit, here is a shot of those Pocket Pins I drew about here: 

 What do you think? cute? disgusting? free with every order? Now what if I put it next to this picture?

OK, I gotta go wrap up the art work for the vinyl release of Albatross...Is that news or did I mention that a while back also? Either way, it looks great so far!

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