Friday, January 21, 2011

Classic Comic Weekend!-Plus, Some News!

Hey folks, if you are new to the blog, Classic Comic Weekend is when I post a comic from the archives that was scanned for an old version of the website.

This comic is from some set of notes somewhere. Probably environmental science...I think I took that. Ah yeah, it must be enviro-sci because I sat next to Carleen trying to draw things to make her laugh and I remember this awkward owl was especially funny to her. It's all flooding back to me like the rich ecosystem of a floodplain! I really like the idea  of a panda growing it's own bib. I also like the idea of these three animals being "the state of the world."

This week has been a lot of drawing and not much posting, sorry about that. Also, remember when I said the pre-orders would be going up this week? It didn't happen, but it will soon...probably next week. HHBTM and I have a timeline mapped out and are making bonus items and taking pictures of those bonus items so that you can see the extras, after that it will be update city my friends.

ALBATROSS VINYL-will also have a release date soon, test pressings are being shipped to me and once I OK those we'll put up pre-orders for those. I'll talk more about this soon, but this thing should be super nice. Many of you have wanted this album on vinyl for sometime and I am really hoping it doesn't let you down.

SHOWS-We are confirmed for the 35 Conferette in Denton the second week of March. Tons of great local and national bands are on the bill. This thing was wonderful last year and should be better this time.

We have confirmed April 14th at the Loft with Danielson and Binary Sunrise. I'm very excited for this. Danielson has been on my "bands to open for bucket list" since I started playing music. I will elaborate on this list at another time.

and more shows are coming, I just need to firm things up with people.

ok get back to making things.


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