Thursday, February 10, 2011

comic!-Going to the Movies

I thought Green Hornet was pretty good but it didn't need to be in 3D.


The Pancake Master said...

Someday (soon?) most or all humongous-budget movies (e.g. GREEN HORNET) will probably be in 3-D, it's the best way the studios have of continuing to get people to come to the theatres. Too often people figure, I can just check that out when it comes to Netflarx. I predict there'll come a day when you'll be more surprised to find that a movie (and especially a monster-budget one like G.H.) is NOT in 3-D than that it IS.

fishbulb said...

There is actually a lot of evidence that it could be on it's way out, falling ticket sales being the main reason. Roger Ebert has written some great anti-3d articles on his site. I will say there were one or two really cool 3D moments in GH but most of the time I wished I were watching it in 2D.

The Pancake Master said...

Yeah I am no champion of works well for some stuff, and not as much for other. I've read articles suggesting every movie will be in 3-D by 2015 and articles suggesting what you've suggested here. BEIGE ALERT!