Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Comic!-Mr. Awkward.

I didn't room to include all the other awkward things that I said that night.


The Pancake Master said...

Hah hah...Nate from Cars Can Be Blue and I joked at the last Athens Popfest about telling people we were in a band, "maybe you've heard of us, Interpol?"

This comic leaves me unsure as to whether this dude was actually in these bands. I mean, it seems JUST plausible enough, but I think it's played off like a joke here.

Eric Edward Fishboy said...

He is indeed in those bands. I didn't have enough comic space to flesh out the details of him not wanting to brag about it and then me forcing him to tell me.

d-fromberg said...

hes joe plummer i belive good guy