Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tonight in Denton!

This is a simi-release show for Albatross that is now on vinyl.  I say "semi" because there wont be balloons or streamers, just a nice acoustic warm up for the madness that is about to descend upon Texas.

 Also, you might be asking "why did you take a picture of your rabbit in a baby doll bed?" We are trying to sell the baby bed on Etsy and trick people into seeing a cute animal and fork over all their baby doll bed savings. Now that it's famous for being in an amazing flyer it should be worth twice as much right?

Also, there is a short but fun interview with Flush the Fashion up here

Still working on getting the record (and new shirts!) up in the shop. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Marshall said...

I HATE THAT I HAVE TO MISS THIS SHOW. Here's to hoping that someone records it.