Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Live from 35 Conferette

Here is a video from the 35 C show a few weeks ago shot by THE NEENER. Tommy and I have this same click off conversation every time we play this song:

It looks like the "official" release date of the album has been pushed back to May 10th which means that is the day that the record will hit stores. I should still have copies at the release show and if you ordered a copy from HHBTM.COM you should still get it around the 19th. It seems that pressing plants have been overwhelmed because of Record Store Day exclusives causing delays in everything everywhere.

Also, I've been pretty bad about mentioning Classic Creeps reviews on here as I have mostly been linking them on twitter and facebook, so I will start out by saying thank you to everyone who has mentioned or reviewed the record so far and apologize if I miss you.

First here is nice well thought out review from 0g Trans Fat, a blog with a couple other great movie and book reviews.

Here is a nice one by indieblogshot

Here's one from Songs from the Road with who I did a long interview with outside of Dan's before the video above. They mentioned that they will post that soon.

and lastly (for now) here is a really nice review from a Croatian Weed Blog, translate that one and its a good read!

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