Monday, May 9, 2011


ok! the day is officially here, Classic Creeps should be in stores and everyone tomorrow! Its been a real joy and pleasure writing, arranging, recording, drawing, embroidering, planning, plotting and promoting this whole project over the past eighteen months. For the rest of the year we'll try as hard as we can to perform this album in your town or as close to your town as possible. If you want to help set up a show somewhere please feel free to contact us at the email over on the right.

Also! there has been a slight delay in the embroidery portrait production assembly as my dear sister has gone out of town for a bit. If you ordered a deluxe package and havent gotten it yet, please bare with me and this delay.

thanks everyone!


The Pancake Master said...

Get yerself to Saint Louis and we can set up something gooooooood.

Eric Edward Fishboy said...

yes for sure!

mandii said...

I'd love to help set up a show in portland! See ya sooon!

Eric Edward Fishboy said...

cool! I'll let ya know something soon!