Thursday, May 12, 2011

Comic! The Making of Alyson, PLUS! A CHALLENGE!

now that you know how it's made, watch it again!

We've gotten some really great responses from the video so far! Thanks to these kind people who have posted it:

You Aint No Picasso
The Dallas Observer
The Dentoneer
Frank Hejl's: Drag Me to Hejl

The Dentoneer suggests that the dance in the video is a new style called 'Fishboy' although I prefer 'The Fishboy' because it sounds more like 'The Freddy' .  Which gave me the idea for this challenge:

To the first person to recreate this dance in a youtube video, I will gladly mail a vinyl copy of Classic Creeps and your choice of t-shirt. To anyone else after that, I'll give you a digital copy and thank you drawing in your choice of digital format (even PNG!)

The ball is in your court America.

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