Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The Autumn the Owl Edition of the Classic Creeps Limited Run CDR set is almost out and since we are about to be out on tour for most of September and October, I made the next run! The Archibald Aspen Edition is made up of 49 chipboard sleeves hand painted with shades of blue and then screen printed in red. The CDR's I use are a faux-vinyl so they look like little 45's. Each one is hand numbered, signed, and unique. After these are gone another edition with different colors and a different character will be made. They are ten dollars+shipping in the yofishboy.com store or on bandcamp (and come with a digital download) and ten bucks at shows!

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Anonymous said...

Those look really good! Fingers crossed that there are still copies of it when you play at Winning coffee in Albuquerque. Good luck on the tour, see you soon!