Monday, February 13, 2012

Tour Comic! Day Twenty Three! Tucson

I keep running into people who think I'm drawing these comics from the road, so I'll clarify that I'm recapping (at a snails pace) the tour from this fall and will collect the whole story into some sort of final version once I'm done. Here is day twenty three in Tuscon toward the end of the west coast leg.

There was a semi-funny conversation I left out of this day in which Rob firmly stated that no one could convince him to watch Transformers 3. I assumed it was because the movie looks like a piece of garbage, but my assumptions were proved wrong when he later said it was because he hadn't seen the first two.

Hey! thanks to everyone who came to the show in Denton on Friday. I had a ton of fun!

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The Pancake Master said...

I didn't see the first TRANSFORMERS movie because it looked like a piece of garbage, so you were correct, if only by way of franchise-extrapolation/extension.