Saturday, February 24, 2007

As I get around to offering up some more insight to some of our videos that have been on the internet for a while I would like to take some time to talk about this one as there are many folks who have asked about it.

This summer we had the honor of performing on the children's-cable-access-dance-party-show: Chica-Go-Go. They film two episodes every Saturday morning and since we were playing Milwaukee Friday and Toledo Saturday we stopped halfway to put on our best show for the kids. I had heard about this show from some friends and lablemates of mine The Telephone Company. Who traveled up to Chicago to be a part of this awesome show. So when planning our tour, I knew this was a place we had to stop. Unfortunately, I didn't do enough research and didn't realize we would be lip-syncing our performance. It seems obvious now, but the thought didn't even cross any of our minds until we were questioned about bringing our amps in. On top of that we, we were told that the camera wasn't going to stop once we finished our interview and that we should just "dance our equipment off stage" as they shot around us. After carefully selecting what parts of the drum set were needed and deciding that "sure! an organ sound could come out of that melodica!" we were ready to go. After our set we all joined in and danced to the rest of the eclectic mix of pop songs for all ages. Here's to you Chica-Go-Go!

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