Monday, March 5, 2007

This Friday we'll be playing a free show at J&J's Pizza on the square in Denton. If you've never been, they serve an excellent pizza and and cheap to free indie rock show nearly every night of the week.

I played my first Denton show ever in that basement in 2000 at J&J's (it might have been Mr. Gatti's then) opening up for Cavedweller. The basement was a lot smaller and dirtier then and I played a set of the only songs I knew how to play on guitar because I had written them.

The last show I played there was in August on the last date of our Summer tour. It was a Monday night and we were suppose to get into town a day before but because of some Van troubles we had to spend an extra day in Chunky, Mississippi. We got on the road just in time to push it all the way home, jump out of the car, unload and play a triumphant set to cap off the tour.

Friday we will be playing with Jason Dooley and his solo project Mermaid Police. Jason's former band Ballroom Dancing was able to play the first ever Metrognome Pop Festival last summer and when he ended up dropping out of the band at the end of their tour the door was open for this project of catchy melodies, looped analog synths, electric guitar and 8 bit beats. We were fortunate to play a show in Cleveland, TN and witness the first MPolice performance and I'm sure its gotten far better by now.

After the show we all went back to Jason's house where we got to join in on an awesome birthday party. Here we ate various cakes and swam in a pool while watching Trapped in the Closet and UHF projected on to a huge sheet. It was then that I knew this man had class.

Rounding out the bill is a promising newish act called Beauxregard. Check them out! This show is going to be wonderful. Come and eat some pizza with us.

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