Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I forgot to sum up rock lotto

I totally forgot my post rock lottery post. If my last rock lotto post was too vague let me sum it up. 25 local musicans get together at ten in the morning, draw names out of a hat, and form 5 bands that have to put together at set by ten at night. This was the 10th anniversary of the event so they brought back 3 people from each of the first 8 lottos and 1 from the 9th (that ended up being our friend astronautalis)

I had a wonderful time and got an amazing group of musicians to make up the Inspirational Farmers Market Side Tent Jamboree. When I was in highschool my older brother Dirk would tell me all these amazing stories about events held by the good/bad art collective and one of those was the Rock Lottery. The first time I was able to participate in 2004 Fishboy still wasn't that well known around Denton which made me driven to come up with something incredible since I at last got to particpate in one of these ledgendary events. Luckily, the perfect group of musicians came together produce the rock opera known as "Womb Stone Pizza" and I think a people were a little bit surprised later telling me it was "the best band in rock lotto history" and other nonsense like that.

So this year the pressure was on. Especially after I was put in a group with my old Wombstone band mate Ashley. The end result was pretty silly but very enjoyable...maybe not Wombstone quality. Here was my favorite song of the night: an epic ballad titled 'smile all over your face'

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