Thursday, November 1, 2007

wow. (a blog update)

my new favorite blog (linked on the right) made a mix of recent releases and called Albatross "what may stand up to be one of the best records of the decade" (!!!!!) THE DECADE! Take that Last-Ray-Charles-Album-Put-Out-By-Starbucks and Soundtrack-to-the-Motion-Picture-O-Brother-Where-Art-Thou! The rest of the mix is pretty swell too. Thanks guys!

Also, Cable and Tweed (also linked on the right) has been getting some rad playlists from some pretty excellent comic book writers. The lastest one is by freakin MATT FRACTION whoes Punisher War Journal has been one of the finest reads of the year in my opinion. It only makes him more of a badass to be a gigantic Moutain Goats fan.

In other blog link news Marmaduke (see right) is up to is hold tricks again!

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