Tuesday, November 20, 2007

post release show

Hey folks,

It's Monday night and I'm about to go to sleep, but I wanted to let everyone know how great of a time the band had at Rubber Gloves Friday. Thanks for all coming and listening to me ramble on about whether or not the fictional band from the rock opera eats at subway or quiznos. The tour is rapidly approaching and for once, we have most of the holes in our tour filled. All but Salt Lake City and LA. If you know of something in these places please give me a "holla" at yofishboy@gmail.com It's no fun stressing booking your own tour but it's a very rewarding feeling when its all done with. Much like graduating high school or college or something like that. Or maybe building a giant domino stacker thing. Right now I'm a turkey dinner and a day from pushing all those dominoes down. Anyway, back to the release show...over at www.thingschrisrecorded.com you can hear all of the audio from our release show as well as our two new york sets that I have yet to listen to yet...but I bet they are good! cause I was there and ripped my nice jeans at the second one! If anyone knows of a good place to get jeans send me an email at yofishboy@gmail.com

see you guys soon,


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