Wednesday, November 28, 2007

tour update! from chicago

hey folks,
I'm sitting in the car outside of Quechers in Chicago stealing wifi like a champ. I will take this moment to summarrize the shows thus far...

day one Little Rock:

Thanks to Casey and HFU this was totally sweet. Ilia played a cool song about how Star Trek is real (and her uniform is teal)

day two St.Louis:

We played with our friends Bunnygrunt and Sex Robots. My girl friend always laughs at the name Bunnygrunt because her rabbit Pocket likes to grunt as well and although I've never heard it, she says its pretty cute. So in conclusion, the show went well and at the end of the night a dude by the name of "God of the Devil" got up and did a noise piece and stuck a microphone up his butt. I didn't see that one either.

Also, we picked up our temporary trumpet player who will turn into a temporary bass player after Denver. His name is Joe Terry and he's from the excellent Iowa band the Poison Control Center.

day three Indianapolis: Adam from the amazing Amo Joy set this show up at his friend Rory's giant mansion turned apartment complex. We played in a big old living room to a bunch of nice people. At the end of the set the plastic around my tone knobs and input was smashed to pieces. So being the awesome guy that he is, Adam Macgyvered a new one out of a white faux woodgrain trash can. Totally awesome. Amo Joy is going on tour in January and you should totally see them.

brb, my deep dish pizza is ready.

ok, I'm back. That was pretty good. So then...

day four Toledo, OH: This show was a lot of fun. We played with our old friends The Hat Company and shared some found memories of living in their basement last summer for five days. Hat Co has gotten awesome since the last time I saw them.

So here are some pictures and whatnot. I dont think I have time to put them in order.

If all goes as plan, tomorrow we'll be recording a last minute session for If things dont then...I guess we...wont...

see you soon!


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