Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We are back from tour at last!

A few days ago You Ain No Picasso posted a little thank you to some of the great bands we've played with this tour and I like to expand a little on here and thank all the people who were so great to us on the road and made this tour the best we've had. here we go...


-Casey for giving us a great arkansas show and letting us crash in your drafty house!
-Ilia for playing an awesome set
-Bunnygrunt and Sex Robots for playing with us in St. Louis
-Mario for taking us out to eat and letting us crash on his floor
-Adam of Amo Joy for fixing my busted guitar in Indianapolis and cutting a new plate out of a trash can!
-Rory for letting us stay in his mansion and letting Aaron cut up his Boz Scaggs record while trying to find a cure for my guitar.
-Michael K for showing us around his gallery and telling us about that great cajun place!
-the Hat Co for playing an epic Toledo show with us.
-Steve for letting us stay in his basement.
-The Nothingheads and Baby Magic for playing a fun show at Quenchers in Chicago!
-Shaun Moeller and Pat Stolley for letting us record a Day Trotter session, feeding us pizza, and talking prog rock.
- Pat and Ashley Tape Flemming for being over all badasses in Des Moines.
-The Jim Button band for booking us an overwhelmingly rad show at the Replay
-Kim for letting us fix her new heater and letting us sleep next to it.
-Chris Adolf for being the first person jump all over helping us out with a show (which was incredible) in Denver.
-Paul Pacific Pride for letting us stay in his living room and then take us out to lunch the next day.
-The entire Manateen Manor for making us feel so welcome as if we'd lived in Boulder for years.
-Erin Freakin Chapman for letting us sleep on her floor for two nights, take off work and show us around SLC
-Dominique in Boise for taking photos
-Keenon! for also letting us stay on her floor and trash her house for three days and STILL come to all three shows and show us around! you rule!
-Shauna for letting us do laundry! like this:X!
-Chris, Kathy and Joshua for showing us some giant squids and taking us out to a fancy dinner. (sassy sweet and sour!)
-All the nice folks in Bellingham!
-BOAT and "awesome" for helping pack out the Comet Tavern AND for playing great music.
-Liz and the three imaginary girls for setting up two awesome shows for us!!
-Tullycraft for playing a converted fire station on a remote island in the middle of winter with us!
-The Department of Safety for being so hospitable with banana bread and cider.
-Our tour/lablemates Eux Autres for putting up with our rock opera every night and hear me say the phrase "rock opera" 1800 times.
-The Gingerbread Patriots for letting us crash in their basement
-Carson for playing two incredible improve shows with us and showing us around town
-Robbie and Caitlyn for letting us stay on their floors
-Alyson for letting us stay on her floor!
-the Mantles and Si Claro for the radness
-Hoshowa and Rebecca for making us feel at home whilst live on the radio in Santa Barbera!
-Skip for being a douche! jk bro
-Gabe Saucedo for cutting me down to size in order to keep my ego in check.
-Zach from Iji for telling us the best ways to steal food from Walmart
-Chris for letting us sleep on his floor
-Goodbye Cody and Amanaboutahorse for doing it DIY style in Alba. (and feeding us gluten free food!)
-everyone who came out to a show, shook our hands and threw some gas money our way.
-all the online folks who have written such nice things about us and the music we make.

Lastly, thank you to Joe Terry of the Poison Control Center who selflessly worked so hard for three guys he barely knew in a band that wasn't his own. Joe, if you ever read this blog, know that you will forever be an honorary member of Fishboy (and most likely every HHBTM band ever.)

Sorry if I missed anyone! We hope to see you all again soon!



k said...

You still have my spare key which I guess cements the fact that you are all welcome any time. Seriously though, come back soon!
- keenan

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