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Wow, I didn't realize how far back I'd gotten in collecting reviews and blurbs and other assorted mentions across the internet. Here is the newest batch with links to the goodness. If you wrote one of these things THANK YOU! I humbly link you back and encourage everyone who reads the Fishblog to go and check out these sites who have blessed us with their fine words.

cover Fishboy - "Albatross; How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll" cd (Happy Happy Birthday To Me) Though this album just came out last month, I got a copy from the band way back in June, which means I've had a lot of time to listen to this record, and listen I did - at least several dozen times! Between that and seeing them play this same set of songs live a bunch of times this year, there was no way that this record wasn't going to end up near the top of my best of 2007 list (which I have yet to compile)! This band first came to my attention during an impressive live set a few years ago, which their first album, "Little D", just couldn't approximate (although it was still a decent effort). This record, however, actually manages to capture all of the spastic energy that makes the band so much fun to see live; you can actually see Eric and Adam leaping around with their instruments and the sweat pouring off John as he nails each complicated drum fill with precision. But what's more important is that underneath all of this manic energy is a batch of amazingly catchy songs with clever lyrics, which (in case you haven't yet heard) comprise a rock opera about being convinced by the ghost of Buddy Holly to save Texas with a simple song, going into a life of crime and ultimately getting caught (hey, operas are supposed to be tragic, right?). Basically, this is one of the best records released this year, and deserving of any and all praise heaped upon it. MTQ=11/11

Whenever I’ve read anything about Fishboy they’ve been categorized as indie-pop but don’t fear punk rockers, I hear a whole lot of Dead Milkmen and Atom and His Package in these guys. Either way this Texas band is super fun and catchy so don’t miss out!
-Battle of the Midwestern Housewives

Here is a nice review of our San Diego show:
"...I didn't realize that night that Fishboy was also a touring band (from Texas), but it makes sense because
reading their MySpace puts them squarely in the Danielson Famile/Asthmatic Kitty style of bands which pretty much guarantees a party onstage...."
-sd dialed in

5.Fishboy “Proper Name Spelling Bee”
Fishboy is a total treat. They are so perky they should come with a pharmaceutical warning.
If you don’t like them you probably have no soul. Or sense of humor. Or….


FISHBOY RETURNS: Denton nerd-rock group Fishboy achieved album-of-the-year status in 2005 with Little D, a set devoted to its quirky hometown. For this year’s follow up, Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll, frontman Eric Michener turned the focus on his life story, with some embellishments of course. The ghost of Buddy Holly and a bank robbery added the appropriate drama to the best local rock opera ever written.

-Dallas Morning News Best of 07

Fishboy: Seattle, WA [12.07.2007]

Written by Fense
Wednesday, 12 December 2007

ImageLive at Comet Tavern with Eux Autres, AWESOME and BOAT

With each listen, Albatross just keeps getting better. The cool thing about Fishboy’s latest album is that it follows a storyline and the cool thing about their current tour is that they’re playing the album in its entirety from beginning to end. Rather than touring The Lone Star State, they’re touring the US meaning Seattle was a scheduled stop.

The evening began with a call from my friend Keenan [Patience Please]. Hey, she said. I’m down at Cupcake Royale with Chris [IndiePages and Patience Please] and Fishboy. We’re going to head over to Sonic Boom Records then Ballard Brothers for dinner. Wanna join? My response: Of course!

I met Eric of Fishboy at CMJ and we chatted briefly, but this time I met their phenomenal drummer John and their stand-in bassist and multi-instrumentalist Joe [The Poison Control Center]. We all met up at Sonic Boom where I picked up a used Enon album on vinyl and some protective vinyl sleeves. Ballard Brothers was alright for dinner—the fast-sea-food restaurant is two blocks from my home.

Eventually we all met up again at Comet Tavern where the evening began with Eux Autres who pleasured us by dropping some songs off their recent release, Cold City, on HHBTM including the phenomenal “The City All To Himself.” But the crowd really filled in as Fishboy took the stage and announced they were about to perform their rock opera entitled Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll.

Crowds flocked in. Cameras flashed. Music surrounded us.

Before continuing, I must make mention of John. Rarely do you hear drummers so skilled. During sound check he gave us a lengthy drum solo that had the front rows smiling before the first minute had passed. John’s ability not only includes impeccable timing, but also mind-altering speed in both hands and a phenomenal Buddy Rich like bass-drum kick. Were you to hear it on record, you’d think he was using a double bass drum, but it’s just one foot.

Being my first show at Comet Tavern, it was interesting to see the band perform in a stage-less dive bar setting. We stood amidst the monitors as Fishboy performed a foot away. Though the lighting was awful, the up-close-and-personal layout provided for some great shots—though all photos required a flash. Given some flash delay, several shots include motion for an interesting and very live-show effect. On others I simply used a straight flash, meaning the shots work better in black-and-white.

The trio’s Seattle performance differed from their CMJ one in that they were missing some members including keyboard/trumpet player Adam. However, the lack of keys was sometimes replaced with Kazoos purchased locally at Archie McPhee’s, a gag gift shop in Ballard. The setlist, of course, was the same as their New York performance—and all their recent performances. Though the setting and stage plot was different and the keys were missing, their set was just as good.

-FENSEPOST (more pictures here too!)

Fishboy, Albatross, or How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll: Eric Michener is one of Texas' true mad musical geniuses, and his latest long-player, Albatross, is an ambitious, quirky and fantastically melodic follow-up to 2005's Little D. -Ft. Worth Star Telegram

Blackout/Flashback on the best song list of 07

I've already mentioned the glory that is Fishboy, but I feel the need to reiterate. Their album (a rock opera entitled Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll) has now been released, and it is sooo cool. If you wanna listen, click on the word "album" above and hear each song streaming for free. If you wanna buy, you can check out the kickass record label of a fellow named Mike out of Athens, Ga. Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records will sell ya a copy and tell you the band's whole history, as well as the histories of several other very noteworthy folks. Yay! I seem to have also managed to get a promise out of Fishbulb himself that the guys will make a trip over to the G.A. in a few months. So. Excited. I love rock operas. And sweatbands.
Oh, and all those illustrations and posters and comics were done by the Fishboy himself. Neat? Yes!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fishboy - How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll

In the same vein as experimental rockers The Unicorns (aka Islands) comes this clever Texan band, "Fishboy". The songs are poppy as they come, but at the same time totally rock. Their lyrics are hilarious with many references to using cut up credit cards as guitar picks and the taco stand they run. The sounds is fresh, the lyrics are clever and the music is fun. Throw this album on in the shower or on your walk to work and you'll have a whole lot more jump in your step. Listen to the album hurr: -PrudentMusic

Fishboy - Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With The Power of Rock and Roll (Equal parts epic and miniature. Why aren't all albums concept albums? And why aren't all indiepop albums this great?)
-Joe Mathletes Great American Blog

And of course the folks over at RetroLowFi who win the award for biggest Fishboy supporters of the year have put us on TWO year end lists. (One is kind of pessimistic but we'll let it slide cause they're just so damn nice)

Best Twee Rock Opera Of 2007:
Fishboy “Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll”

You can’t imagine how blindsided I was by this album. I mean, yes, it does come from the reputable pop label Happy Happy Birthday To Me and all… but how good can a twee pop song cycle be? Turns out that it can be one of the most resonant and endlessly playable records of the year. Every single lyric is important to the overall story arc, but each tune has the ability to stand alone as it’s own entity. One spin of “Proper Name Spelling Bee” and you’ll be hooked, mark my words.


Best Album That Everyone Should Hear, But Sadly Only Few Probably Will:
Fishboy - Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll

A twee-pop rock opera? Already good. An adorable storyline? Even better. An album that’s so damn catchy it digs into your back and refuses to let go? We’ll take it. This record is fantastic, and it needs to be heard more widely than it probably will be.
Fishboy - Albatross.mp3



in other news, I will get back to non self congratulatory blogging very soon once I get back from the ridiculous business trip I am currently on.

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Yo fishboy! I've been talking bout you again. (I know, you're probably like "Leave me alone, woman!") I was a guest on my friends' excellent music podcast, Have You Heard?, and I recommended your album. It's at You should go listen!