Monday, January 7, 2008

albatross on the netz

I know I swore I'd stop reposting things others have posted about us but I've got to give some shout outs and thank yous:
so... wow, we made some very nice year end lists this past week including:

 #2 Album of 2007 from Imaginary Liz of THREE IMAGINARY GIRLS

#1 Album of 2007 from KEXP Intern/DJ Assistant Keenan Dowers (we still have your key!)

(edit: Just found this one!) #2 Album of 2007 at

Also, the wonderful Julie from Fear of Arthropods (who is in a close running with retrolowfi for biggest albatross supporter) went on a very rad Atlanta podcast called Have You Heard and plugged the heck out of our little record. I listened to the whole show and it was great! Thanks Bradley Adam and Julie!
Coming up this weekend we are playing two amazing shows with THE POISON CONTROL CENTER! More on this soon. Here is the poster!
p.s. We've been confirmed for SXSW 2008!

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